Choosing outfits should be a fun and exciting process!

Senior year of high school is such a special time, and senior photos are a great way to capture memories that you'll look back on for years! As a high school senior, choosing what to wear for your senior photos can be difficult. But don't worry, because in this blog post, I'll provide some helpful tips on what to wear for your senior photos. + when you book with me, you'll also get my one on one help to choose the perfect outfits to make your dream session come true!

Be 100% you!

Depending which photo package you go with, you may need more than one outfit! It's important to express yourself through your clothing choices no matter how many outfits you do. Your senior photos should reflect who you are as a person and showcase your unique style. Whether you prefer a classic look or something more trendy ( or both!! ), make sure your outfits feel authentic to you. Don't be afraid to incorporate your favorite accessories or even props to add some personality to your photos.

A senior portrait where the senior is looking away and has on a casual outfit with a colorful background

4 outfits, one photo session

Outfit #1

My 4 outfit package is definitely my most popular package because of all the variety you can get! Here is how one of my seniors did her 4 outfits!

First one is super cute and simple, The location had a lot of color so we opted for something that could give it a more laid back feel. This is the kind of outfit that will never go out of style!

Just remember:

Choosing what to wear for your senior photos should be a fun and exciting process. Express yourself through your clothing choices, feel confident in your outfits, and choose something you feel comfortable in. I am here to help you out and make your dream photo session a reality! In our planning process we will talk about outfits, locations and the overall vibe you're wanting to achieve in your senior photos. Whether your style is more laid back, or dressed up ready for a red carpet, we will plan the best photo session ever!

Ready to plan all of your outfits and make your Pinterest come to life?!

Send me a message and we will get to creating your dream senior session!